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How Penis Extenders Work

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The original penis extender design and concept came from penile surgery, known as “traction phalloplasty”. This is the medical term for carefully calibrated and continuous pressure applied to the penis during the healing after a patient has under gone penile surgery. Penis surgery is extremely expensive, often running into thousands of dollars.

Doctors and patients soon realised that the patients no longer needed to have surgery to see growth results, as long as the patient uses the device and stretches their penis over time. Removing the need for penis surgery removes any surgical risks, but also allows many more men to enlarge the penis and take advantage of the lower costs. A good penis extender device costs between $150-350.

How traction works…

Applying a constant pressure to the penis causes the penis shaft to stretch, allowing the penis cells to regrow thicker, larger and stronger. The stretching technique opens up spaces between the microscopic cells and triggers a natural healing response in the penis, therefore cells begin to divide and fill in the space. This process of stretching the cells and then repairing them provides a permanent penis enlargement solution.

Penis extenders

You should only consider buying penis extenders that are clinically proven to work! Only the penis extenders with CE approval have passed proven medical studies by highly respected urologists from around the world.

Patients who wear the device for longer periods of time achieve gains quicker. However, if you are not able to use the device often, you can still increase your penis size but it will take longer to achieve the same results.

So the question your probably asking – which penis extender provides the best results?

There are a vast number of penis extender companies to choose from and the best piece of advice we can give is, ask the patients for their own testimonials, publish the results and find out which one offers the best customer service.

We have compared the top 4 penis extender companies that we believe offer the best device for gains, customer service and value for money.