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Penis Extender FAQ

The penis extender is the most popular method of penis enlargement, simply because its easy yet effective to see results. We have asked Brian Walter, FastSize CEO to answer frequently asked questions about penis extenders.

Q. How does a penis extender work?

A. The penis device works by applying a constant tension to the penis. The human body is an amazing organism, it can adapt under stress. Examples of this are plentiful, but possibly the most apparent is that of lifting weights. I like using working-out as an analogy for many aspects of the extender, because in effect, you’re working-out your penis. By lifting weights that are heavier than what we’re used to, our body adapts to this new workload and builds extra muscle to help us with the task. The extender works in the same way. The penis will actually make new cells to adapt to the force on the penis. This results in a longer, thicker penis. There is simply more tissue there.

Q. FastSize Extender has been around for many years, has it always been popular?

A. FastSize has been around since the beginning of penis extenders in 1996, however new start up companies have started to sell the devices causing more advertisements and general knowledge of the product. It does take a while for news to spread in the penis enlargement industry because usually its by word of mouth. People generally take a while to warm up to an idea, even if it’s a good one.

Q. Where did penis extenders originate?

A. They were invented in Europe.

Q. What’s the difference between using a penis extender and manual exercises?

A. Both methods can deliver good results, however the penis extender takes less effort. You just need to strap yourself in and your away, whilst manual exercises take time and concentration. If you’ve ever done male enhancement exercises, you’ll know they take a little bit of work. Second, the extender applies a constant tension over the whole length of the penis instead of the varied tension of manual exercises.

Q. Can devices be used with male enhancement exercises?

A. Absolutely. The more varied your routine is the better really. Manual enhancement exercises do take some time however they do help aid results from the penis extender

Q. Can I wear a device while sleeping or at the office?

A. Absolutely. If your job doesn’t involve great amounts of physical labor or activity, the penis extender can be comfortably worn under loose-fitting pants and boxers. We do not recommend you wear a penis extender whilst sleeping.

Q. What will happen to my erection if I wear the device?

A. A penis extender will actually give you stronger erections. The tissue and cell break-down and regeneration provides more room for the blood to fill throughout your penis. Your erections will become stronger, thicker and feel those youthful hard wood moments again

Q. Are there any risks associated with the device?

A. There are no risks if it is used correctly. The FastSize-Extender™ is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds European Health Certification (CE). We provide an extensive manual on the correct methods of use. Follow the instructions and there shouldn’t be any problems. We also have support forums where you can speak to one of our trained members of staff or friendly folk who have first hand experience using penis extenders.

Q. What sort of results can be expected with extenders?

A. All high quality extenders will get you the same results. Most research suggests you will gain between 0.5 and 1 centimeter per month. However, pairing the device with other enlargement methods will gain in quicker results.

Q. What if my penis is too small? Will the device still work?

If your penis is smaller than 4 inches (when erect), then you’ll probably be best off using a mini penis extender. These work exactly the same as a regular extender only they compensate for smaller penis’

Q. How do the different penis extenders on the market differ?

A. Most of the high quality extenders are basically the same, we even manufacture penis extenders for some of the other companies! The main difference is the customer service, guarantee and extra bits you get with the device. I’ve noticed you have included the FastSize penis extender in your top 4 extender list. We always try to provide the best service possible.