Hot Wrap – Warm Up / Warm Down

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To perform a warm-up/warm down you will need a cloth (flannel) or small towel and warm water.

  1. Wet the cloth/towel with warm water and let it soak
  2. Wrap the cloth around your penis and testicles. (This may feel strange and slightly painful, but this ends quickly enough and is easy to get used to.)
  3. Keep the cloth in place for 30 seconds.
  4. Once 30 seconds is up, place the wet cloth in warm water again and repeat steps 1-4.

Keep repeating steps 1-4 until you feel loose enough and ready to continue with your workout. Warm-up is essential so you don’t hurt yourself!

Another reason to perform a warm up is the moist heat will help to make the skin softer and more pliable and will aid in a better grip for the enlargement exercises.

Wake Up Cloth Video

[flashvideo filename="../../videos/wake-up-cloth.flv" /]

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