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Side Effects of Penis Enlargers

If you are looking to enlarge your penis you surely want to know what the side effects are, right? Well with anything in life if you take the correct precautions then you can avoid unnecassary effects. The same applies to penis enlargement.

How Penis Enlargers Effect The Penis

The penis enlarger device uses traction to stretch the penis with a constant tension to give a longer and thicker penis. Traction has been a proven method of penis enlargement and has been around since the Padeung tribes.

There are a number of penis enlargers available, with most of them being rebranded by smaller companies; however only a select few penis enlargers actually receive CE approval and cosidered to be a safe enlarger.

The only side effect reported is that if you tighten the strap at the top too tight with the old cradle style then your penis feels cold for a few minutes.

We have received emails from some of our readers saying that the new cradle is much more comfortable and it allows you to stretch for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Safe Penis Enlargement

As long as if you follow the guides provided then you should not run into any problems and injure yourself. If you are new to penis enlargement then read the “How Penis Extenders Work” information, otherwise read penis enlarger reviews left by MalesVue readers about the different penis enlargers available to buy.

I have listed the 4 best penis enlargers by the companies that are most reputable within the industry so you can find all the information in one place, here at MalesVue.

- Mike.