Because the vue of your penis matters

Advanced Penis Enlargement Exercises with Penis Health

Penis enlargement exercises have been one of the most popular methods of penis enlargement and users have shown real gains. If you have come across MalesVue from typing in “free” something then I would probably suggest you do not need to read any further.

What I am about to say involves getting out the mind set of wanting something for free and actually thinking about the true benefits of investing a few dollars to have a better understanding of penis exercises and expand your knowledge for the rest of your life.

Why FREE isn’t always best

In the penis exercise jelqing video I have provided free sections to introduce the whole penis enlargement regieme. This one jelqing exercise alone will not increase your penis by inches.

Instead what you really need to do is put together a penis enlargement exercise workout which is realistic for your day to day living. Many effective penis exercise routines have already been created by users who have already added inches to the size of their penis. Their methods are proven to work.

Comparing Penis Exercise Workouts with the Gym

I like to compare penis exercises to a gym workout. If you train at the gym yourself you will already have a head start on this. If you decide to go into the gym lifting too much too quickly or have the wrong posture then you can easily injure yourself, but also your body will not adapt to the weight lifiting how your expect it to.

Your strength may go up a little but your muscles will not increase in size (which is mainly what we are really after… looking buff!) Penis exercises work in the same way, your can get so so results if you decide to jump straight in at the deep end (and possibly injure yourself, or you can take advice and expertise from a trainer who already has proven results already.