Penis Enlargement Facts and Myths

If you are a new reader to penis enlargement then you will probably think these questions are very suitable for a crash course to enlarge your penis. If you are a more experienced user then you will probably laugh at some of the myths that have shrouded the male enhancement industry.

Penis Enlargement Myths

“Grow your penis 3 inches within 1 week”
This is by far one of the most comical pieces of information I have ever seen. Within all my years of experience with penis enlargement I have not known anyone enlarge their penis by 3 inches in months, never mind weeks. It simply is not possible to enlarge your penis that quick.

“I will need to devote myself to penis enlargement”
No this is not the case. Once you have reached your length and girth goals you do need to maintain the new size by “cementing” your gains. This process usually only takes a couple of months for extra security. If you feel that your penis is starting to decrease in size then check your diet and if your a smoker then try cutting down on the amount of cigarettes.

Penis Enlargement Facts

“Is it possible to enlarge my penis?”
Yes, you can enlarge your penis by using tried and tested methods over many generations of experience. The Paduang tribe first started off stretching their necks as a form of authority. Nower days penis extenders use the same principles to stretch the penis into growing. Other penis enlargement methods include using the best penis pills or penis exercises. The most effective way to enlarge your penis is to use all 3 methods together however you need to have a more flexible budget.

“Do penis enlargement pills really work?”
Penis enlargement pills seem to get crossed over quite a lot with penis enhacement pills. Penis enlargement pills are usually part of a penile exercise program that is used to give maximum results. Penis enhancement pills are very similar however they are used to enhance features of the penis such as sperm volume, erection stretch etc. ProSolution Pills are a form of penis enlargement pill whilst Male Extra is a form of penis enhancement pill.

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