Because the vue of your penis matters

How to make your penis bigger

The age old question is can I make my penis look bigger? The answer is yes you can. I’ll start off with one or two quick wins to enlarge your penis and move on to permanent penis enlargement methods.

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Quick wins to make your penis look bigger

Have you tried trimming your public hair around your penis? You can actually make your penis more visible by shaving off or neatly trimming around your penis to give an overall bigger look. The black bushy affect which pubic hair usually hides upto 3/4 an inch which may make you look and feel smaller than you already are! Not only that, it is much more hygenic and pubic hair will not get stuck in your partners teeth when they perform oral sex on you.

Slap your penis against your leg to draw blood into the penis. This is only a short term effect and will not really help your erect length but will give you a more flaccif look.

How to make your penis bigger permanently

If your serious about penis enlargement then you can make your penis bigger by using one of these penis enlargement techniques.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders (also refered to as penis enlargers and traction devices) are the quickest and easiest way to safely make your penis bigger if you have $299 to spare. The penis extenders are a non surgical way of stretching the penis to make it longer and thicker whilst you wear it.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are less expensive than penis extenders however they require more of your time to perform the exercises. We have a few free penis enlargement exercises to show you the ropes but you really need to use a proper penis enlargement program such as Penis Health to see good results.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis pills are the most expensive method of penis enlargement and require you to take a couple of capsuals per day along with performing penis exercises (for the best results). Penis pills will enlarge your penis if you use them correctly however you will need to rebuy them on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis which makes them the most expensive penis enlargement method.


Which ever way you choose to enlarge your penis, I hope this quick starters guide to How to Make your penis biggger has been helpful. Read the reviews, hints, tips and advice which other guests and gurus have left around the website to help you enlarge your penis.

- Mike.